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When you commission a bespoke suit from Oliver & Rowan, not only are you investing in an impeccable piece of tailoring, you are supporting the craftsmen of America.

Oliver & Rowan Bespoke is a Chicago-based bespoke tailor. Our elegantly crafted tailoring is handmade in the USA. We create perfectly tailored bespoke suits and shirts for discerning men in Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and New York.  We make a complete range of bespoke men’s clothing, including:

Our craftsmen come from families who have worked as tailors for many generations. Tailoring runs in their blood. They learn their craft from their fathers and grandfathers and painstakingly cut, trim and stitch every bespoke garment by hand. Such attention to detail is rare and your Oliver & Rowan Bespoke garments will be unmatched in quality:

For effortless style and enduring quality that is hand-made in the USA, choose a bespoke suit from Oliver & Rowan.


Joseph Mapes is considered by his clientele and peers to be one of the finest bespoke tailors working in the United States. Joseph has devoted many years to refining his craft. The fine bespoke clothing created by Oliver & Rowan bears the hallmark of his expertise. As a client of Oliver & Rowan Bespoke you will join a sophisticated set of men who appreciate the quiet confidence of impeccable tailoring.


Investing in a bespoke wardrobe is a decision to invest in quality. At Oliver & Rowan, we exclusively rely on American Master Craftsmen to create our garments by hand.

Compare the benefits of our “Made by Hand in the USA” approach to the outsourced model that most other custom clothiers utilize:

Made by Hand in the USA (Oliver & Rowan) Offshore (The Other Guys)
The Bespoke Difference

Made by Hand in the USA

Bespoke clothing is built from scratch for you. From first measurement to finished creation, the garment is crafted to your exact measurements.


More accurately described as “made-to-measure”, most custom clothiers rely on patterns that are adjusted for your requirements but not designed exclusively for your unique attributes and measurements.

The Construction Difference

Made by Hand in the USA

A bespoke suit is made by hand, while made-to-measure suits utilize machines. Oliver & Rowan collars, shoulder linings, sleeves and coat bottoms are built by hand to ensure a perfect fit and drape. A handmade suit requires 50-60 man-hours over eight to ten weeks to construct properly.


Machine-made suits utilize glue and other adhesives. The result is suits that do not drape properly and that can also pucker. Fused suits are not as sturdy and do not offer the movement and comfort of a handmade garment. Machine-made garments can be made in two weeks.

The Fabric Difference

Made by Hand in the USA

We hand-select our fabrics from the most respected mills in the world. Unlike many of our competitors who carry fabrics from 20-30 mills, Oliver & Rowan exclusively carries from a select few mills. This purposeful exclusivity fosters deep and lasting relationships allowing us to deliver ultra-premium fabrics at a competitive price.


Knock-off fabrics are an unfortunate reality. Many companies that rely on outsourced tailors source their fabrics from offshore fabric shops. Certain shops imitate respected mills by producing lower quality fabrics in China. Many US customers are not aware of this practice.

The Tailor Shop Difference

Made by Hand in the USA

All our tailoring work is done in the USA by master craftsmen. Our tailors are immediately accessible for questions and special instructions regarding your order. We are actively engaged with our tailors on a daily basis.


Offshore tailoring is often farmed out to third-party factories. While many US clothiers claim to own their tailor shops, this is an untrue statement.

The Location Difference

Made by Hand in the USA

Distance? There is no distance. Our daily interaction with our tailors ensures consistency and reliability in the careful creation of your bespoke pieces.


It is difficult to manage the quality control process from another country several time zones away. This distance produces miscommunication, more mistakes and long shipping times resulting in delays and damage to your garments.

The Daily Deal Difference

Made by Hand in the USA

Oliver & Rowan maintains an exclusive and limited client base to ensure we provide world-class customer service to each of our clients. Creating a bespoke wardrobe requires, and deserves, nothing less.


Groupon. Gilt City. YouSwoop. Daily deals may work for manicures and massages, but not bespoke clothing. A company that relies on sourcing new clients via daily deals is a company that is not retaining customers, likely due to lower quality garments and poor service levels.


We tailor custom suits, shirts and clothing for men in Chicago, Washington DC and New York.

We accept clients by referral only. This is because personal referrals help us establish a high level of trust with our clients and allow us to offer the attentive and superior service we are known for.

Please contact us via the form below, including the name of the person who referred you to Oliver & Rowan. Joseph Mapes will be in touch with you shortly.


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